Painting Wizards!

When you have to get the color JUST right, we can help! Whether you have a living room wall that cannot be matched, or if you want to paint your house before you sell… Many times, it helps to have many people take a look at your project to find the best match.

Some companies specialize in Painting. We do nearly everything. Check out our ‘Services’ button in the menu at the top of the screen. If you are doing 3 different types of projects, you can save money by having them all done by the same Contractor. It sometimes help to be able to get Drywall, Painting and Framing done by the same crew. I know that buying SUPPLIES in one big order instead of 3 small orders can give major DISCOUNTS at companies like ‘Home Depot’. Do you want to hear more about how we can beat MOST prices from other companies?

Our Owner, Tim has a great eye for design, and we have a lot of opportunities to deliver a creative flair. Give us a shot, and you will see the difference!