Bathroom Remodel

When you need a project to be done, FAST then give me a call! No Project is too big or small. We have about 20 years of experience and I feel like my biggest asset is my ability to bring my creative eyes to the design process. Whether it involves making sure that the grain of the wood goes the right direction , or to help you find the right color of paint, I know that design expertise is just part of the solution and that there are also a half dozen important factors to consider.

Whether you need repair or replace, we can do it! The backsplash needs to be replaced, or a toilet installed.. we have done it all!

I feel very comfortable on small tasks getting in and out quickly. If it needs to get done a certain way just let us know. We estimate that 25% of the work involved in most projects is the design portion. We have to make sure that we know the best way to layout your new bathroom, and making those design decisions before starting work is necessary. We have seen situations too many times where we install something and then we have to move it and then we install it a second time. Needing to install it twice because something gets moved actually can take 3 times as long because we need to patch, paint and repair the holes that we made on the first install. It is ALL about coming to an agreement up front before we starting actually doing the work.