Handyman Near White Salmon

Do you have some projects that need to get done? When you need to do these:

  • Take a load to the Transfer Station
  • Pickup and Install an Appliance
  • Transfer Equipment from one place to another
  • Small Plumbing Job, all the way up to an installation of a Hot Water Heater
  • Electrician work like adding a socket or two, changing a breaker or moving an appliance
  • Home Repair

We can run circles around some projects, and get amazing things done in a short amount of time. Some projects can be done in a few hours or minutes.

We just need to have a chance to talk things over, and depending on the project, we can come up with a quick estimate… or we can meet for an extended overview. Don’t over-think this. We have a great team of workers, and can scale UP and DOWN to fit into anything.